Digital Fleet Standard

Take control and start optimizing your fleet now, save money, reduce your carbon footprint and benefit from happier and safer co-workers.

What’s included?
  • Connected vehicles
    We offer a telematics solution which will work with any vehicle and any device making sure that all vehicles are connected. Gives you real time GPS-positions of your vehicles as well as historical data.

  • Drivers Log Book
    Track all trips automatically and easily generate the reports required to your finance department or leasing company.

  • Driver app
    Allows the driver to differentiate between private and company usage. Full overview of trips, reporting and financials. Driver behavior and feedback functionality to maximize driver safety and security.

  • Data export
    Easily export data and set up a certification and approval process. Compliant with local tax authority requirements.

  • Vehicle Data
    We collect substantial data from your vehicle, in and outside temperature, tire pressure, State-Of-Charge, fuel consumption, energy consumption, GPS position, speed, etc.

  • Vehicle Analytics
    AI based vehicle analytics, Remote diagnostics, preventive service, State-Of-Health, Battery health, Geo-fencing, fuel management, energy management, range analytics and prediction. Alarm and alert system for customized events and triggers.

  • Driver Data and analytics
    AI based driver analytics for behavior and safety. Also, optimization on Eco-driving and fuel/energy management.

Pricing and details

Pricing: A fixed set up fee per vehicle plus a monthly cost per vehicle

Other products

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