Decision making used to be hard.
Not any more.

Vialumina is a powerful partner for change makers, decision makers and fleet managers wanting to make fact based decisions and get valuable insights about their commercial fleets.


Vialumina provides you with reliable data for sustainability reporting and decision making in regards to your sustainability efforts.

Vialumina INSIGHTS will provide you with actionable insights on how to reduce the carbon footprint and general emissions from your commercial fleet.

Average possible emissions reductions generated through our systems reaches up to 52%, with actions spanning between reduction of idling and re-routing to insights on which vehicles could be replaced with EV:s.

Vialumina INSIGHTS will measure your performance in relation to your own organizational goals.

Vialumina INSIGHTS will provide you with actions on how to reduce emissions from your commercial fleet – and upon request these can be sorted by complexity of implementation. 

Many organizations have implemented  programs for sustainable driving, often referred to as EcoDriving. Vialumina INSIGHTS will provide you with accurate data on how well your organization is meeting the goals from your EcoDriving program. 

While it is often easy to foresee what is needed to be done, it is harder to estimate investments in the form of both time and costs.

Both through the use of Vialumina FLEEXR and through Vialumina INSIGHTS we are able to help you access reliable emissions data you for you to compile sustainability reports. 



Vialumina can provide reliable data for decision making in regards to starting your electrification journey.

An electrification journey isn’t done in a day – that’s why it is important to compile as much insights as possible before getting on with it. Vialumina INSIGHTS can provide you with insights on how to start your electrification journey, at what pace electrification is possible and at what cost. 

Vialumina INSIGHTS gives you full control over the premises for your electrification journey. We are able to provide you a detailed plan for your electrification process, to the detail of which replacement vehicles is suitable for your fleet based on current driving behaviors. 

Vialumina INSIGHTS will provide you insights on the TCO savings you are able to to through electrification.

Vialumina INSIGHTS will provide details on the needed investments for charging infrastructure for your commercial fleet.


Vialumina is a powerful partner for change makers, decision makers and business people wanting to increase profitability.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is an important number to fleet managers: The TCO of a vehicle is the sum of all the costs associated with acquiring and running a vehicle or a fleet over time. 

Vialumina INSIGHTS will give you actionable insights on how to lower your TCO.

Through insights fleet managers are able to increase the life span of their vehicles,

Vialumina INSIGHTS will provide you with an actionable list of activities to boost your profitability and reduce costs.

Vialumina INSIGHTS will shed light on hidden costs related to your commercial fleet.