A complete fleet management solution

Vialumina connects drivers, vehicles and fleet owners – and in cases where it is relevant – the charging stations and the electric grid and gives you the one and only fleet management solution you need to keep your fleet up and running. Plan routes, administrate driver’s journals, get maintenance alerts and gather everything you need to handle your commercial fleet in one place.

All in all, your one-stop solution for managing and optimizing your fleet in order to increase profitability and reduce emissions – without compromizing your daily business.

Optimal support for daily operations and development

Our platform gives you the best possible foundation for data-driven decisions about your fleet – both on its daily operations and its development.

AI powered analytics

AI based driver analytics for driver behavior and safety, including optimization of eco driving and fuel- or energy management. Vehicle analytics such as remote diagnostics, state-of-health, battery health, geofencing, fuel management, alarm and alerts management.

Reduce CO2 emissions

In-built features such as an eco score as well as analytics on emissions help companies to reduce their carbon footprint – and ease the workload of sustainability reporting.

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What’s possible
with Vialumina?


Why choose Vialumina?

Reduced operational costs

Reduce costs through optimized routing, fuel consumption, reduced iding and maintenance.

Reduced climate footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint from your daily operations and use our platform to track and understand your journey toward a decarbonized fleet.

Reduced administrational workload

Reduce your administrational workload and compel reports directly in our system – or export them to managament tools of your choice.

Increased productivity

Increase your up-time and ensure vehicles are always charged or fueled and ready to roll – and know where they’re at, any time.

Increased safety

Increased safety and security for drivers through user-friendly tools helping them with their workday.

Increased fleet life span

Lower your maintenance costs and increase the life span of your commercial fleet.