A massive thank you to all curious people, clients and partners who came by our booth at eComExp0 2023 – our team had lots of great conversations about our possible contribution both to our clients but also to the society as a whole. The most important outcome of gatherings like eComExpo is when businesses and decision makers comes together for dialogues on how to ensure we’re on the same route contributing to a more profitable and sustainable industry. It is of utter importance that we keep these conversations going – and we look forward to see what the dialogues we opened up will lead to in the near future.

Our CTO, Patrik Lindergren, joined a panel on the topic of Megawatt Charging.

If we could leave a message with organizers, politicians, and our esteemed peers in the industry, it would be one of encouragement: During many of the panels addressing the need to increase the transformational speed, we were left with the idea that one of the reasons small- and mid-sized commercial fleets aren’t taking the leap toward e-mobility would be that they are basically technologically illiterate or lacking understanding of the benefits of going electric. The truth is quite the opposite. These fleet owners are smart, tech-savvy, and eager to embrace electric mobility solutions.

Our observation has shown us that they are, above anything else, underserved. The reason some of them aren’t taking the leap isn’t because they are unwilling to make the transition to electric vehicles or because they would be stuck in old beliefs; it’s because they can’t compromise the core of their operations at the snap of a finger. The shift to electric is an investment, one that many cannot undertake overnight. Electrification journeys often require careful planning and gradual implementation.

Our booth floor, in the unlikely case you missed out on it.

Now, at this point, we could easily transition into a sales pitch about how Vialumina can address these needs for these fleet operators but instead we want to emphasize our commitment to collaboration.

Let’s work together to ensure we meet the unique needs of these fleet owners and ensure they are not overlooked, as they represent the backbone of commercial fleets. It’s about collectively finding innovative solutions and strategies that empower them to make the transition to electric mobility without disruption. Together, we can pave the way for a greener, more efficient, and forward-thinking industry.

/Team Vialumina,
already looking forward to the next eComExpo

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