The only mobility management solution you need.

One platform connecting drivers and depots with the vehicles, EV chargers and the electric grid.


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Get the most out of your commercial fleet.

  • Fuel and Brand Agnostic:

    We are able to connect vehicles regardless of fuel type and brand – meaning we reduce the amount of native platforms needed to manage your fleet.

  • Future Proof:

    We provide the only Mobility and Fleet Management platform fully ready for EV:s and V2G/V2X.

  • User-friendly:
    User-friendly tools for both drivers and administrators.

  • Scalable Solution: Grows with your fleet – no fleet size is too big or too small.
  • Trust Your Data: Maximum accuracy from gathering data from multiple data sources.
  • Management Support:
    A new best friend to your drivers, your depot managers and your management team.


What’s possible
with Vialumina?


How it works

Vialumina collects, analyzes and visualizes data from multiple sources and adds a layer of visualization in our platform. All data is collected and analyzed in our system, and presented to you in the format you want it, without limitations: As expense reports for invoicing, as graphs and tables for your sustainability reporting – or in dashboards for daily monitoring and fleet management.


Our ‘puck’ sends data to our systems to track e.g. positions and detect driving patterns.


We collect data straight from the vehicle, e.g. the odometer for information about fuel consumption.


Your drivers and administrators provide data when they log a trip or create a report.

Open Source and API:s

We collect public vehicle data from various databases to give you insights about your fleet.

Charging stations and the grid

Our technology allows us to collect data from your charging stations – and from the electric grid.

Custom needs

We are able to collect data based on your custom needs for e.g. sustainability reporting.

“Att ställa om till en fossilfri fordonsflotta är ett prioriterat mål för oss på Elis och där vi i Norrland ser en utmaning med såväl kyla som långa transportsträckor.”

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