Let us tell you about the simplest thing out there: How to get started with Vialumina and how to connect your fleet to endless possibilities.

  1. Assess
    It all starts with an assessment of your fleet. What size is it? How many drivers are there? How many platform users do you need? What are our ultimate goals both short term and long term? What features are the most important to us? What integrations do we need?

  2. Implement
    Next step is the implementation phase – your vehicles are equipped with our telematics puck through their OBD II port. We’ll connect them to our platform and connect them to our other data sources like our own internal database and public databases containing important information about your vehicles.

    We’ll set up your platform, add users and ensure everyone in your organization gets comprehensive training to ensure 100% utilization from day one.

  3. Use
    Honk, honk – see you on the road! Next thing you have to do is to… let your drivers drive. Plan trips, see schedules and get an overview of your fleet in real time. Trips are instantly logged in our system and alerts are sent to you in real time depending on your settings.

    Reports are available in our system immediately – but about three months of usage and data collection is needed to get the first reliable and truly comparable reports out of the system.

  4. Optimize
    Gather reports from your fleet and extract data based on your needs. Some of you will use it for internal reporting on driving per month – some will use the gathered data to optimize and make decisions about your fleet. Only your imagination sets limits on what is possible with a connected fleet.

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