Today, Sweden’s first battery swap station was inaugurated. It is a station for battery replacement that enables electric scooter riders to quickly exchange their depleted batteries right in the city center. It’s the first of its kind and has been made possible through CoMiMo – an innovation project backed by Drive Sweden.

The new battery swap facility is located in Nordstan, Gothenburg, and will be operated by GoCiklo – the company offering the infrastructure. Companies can rent electric scooters through GoCiklo and access the swap stations. The first company to use the service is foodora, operating within last mile deliveries.

Vialumina’s contribution lies within connectivity

“Our technology connects the scooters and battery stations, and collects driver and scooter data for optimization”, says Patrik Lindergren, CTO at Vialumina. “The battery swap station is an exciting solution in general, but the most exciting aspect of the entire project is that so many stakeholders have come together for solutions with the potential to contribute to reduced emissions and a smaller carbon footprint from micro-mobility transportation. I am proud that we are able to contribute to this.”

Part of the CoMiMo innovation initiative

The battery swap has been made possible through the innovation project CoMiMo (Connected Micro Mobility), funded by Drive Sweden with the goal of developing a verified system solution that eliminates the obstacles currently present in connected, efficient, and safe micro-mobility. The CoMiMo project involves Lund University, the University of Borås, Vialumina, GoCiklo, foodora, and Nordstan. Collaborative partners for the battery swap have also included Business Region Gothenburg and Gothenburg Parking.

“Then, the swap stations are just one of the areas being explored within the scope of CoMiMo,” says Patrik Lindergren. “Collectively, we are also investigating how geofencing based on Vialumina’s technology platform could enhance safety and security in the urban environment. With data on where disruptions such as sudden breaking occur linked to actual accident stats, we hope to enable data-driven decision making about how and where the urban environment needs to evolve. This data is something we wouldn’t be able to collect without having our technology installed in the GoCiklo scooters circulating Gothenburg.”


An electric cord was cut by the project members to open the battery swap station


Funded by Drive Sweden

Drive Sweden is one of the Swedish government’s 17 strategic innovation programs. Drive Sweden’s vision is for Sweden to take a leading role in using digital technology to create a more sustainable transportation system. The strategic innovation programs are funded through Vinnova, Formas, and the Swedish Energy Agency. Lindholmen Science Park AB is the host organization for Drive Sweden. 

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