Here at Vialumina, we have had a very exciting and productive year, with many interesting conversations and meetings with our customers. Generally, we see an increasing need for transportation, especially in the “Last Mile” segment. This has resulted in strong growth of light trucks and other alternative light vehicles, compared to heavy vehicles.

The electrification of commercial vehicle fleets is still in its infancy, with only about 2% of the 600,000 light trucks on Swedish roads being electric. Despite an increased demand for connected fleets that can use data to increase efficiency, safety, and facilitate environmental reporting, there are surprisingly few that are fully connected.

During the year, we have also been active participants in trade shows and conferences such as eCar Expo, eCom Expo, Mobility Summit, Transportforum, Svepark Conference, Elmia Lastbil, Drive Sweden Forum, Transport and Logistics, and many others. This has given us a unique opportunity to “put our ear on the ground” and listen to our customers.

After 18 months in development phase, with several pilot customers, we were able to deploy our first fleet in live environment with a paying customer on May 17th. Since then, we have continued to onboard new customers in various categories, including service and installation, couriers, and craftsmen.

Our team has also grown from 3 to 13 people, and we have built a strong development department that delivers at a high pace. Helping our customers save money, the environment, and increase their safety is important to us, and we have been happy to attract talented employees who feel that they are contributing to a better world.

Looking into 2023, we are planning for a breakthrough year with many new customers discovering us and our services. Thank you for following us on LinkedIn and keep an eye out for more information about our products and services in the future.

Thank you for reading our post, and we hope you also had a great year.


The Vialumina Team


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