Stockholm/North Pole, December 7th, 2023

In a strategic move towards modernization, Vialumina has been selected to implement operational enhancements within North Pole Toy Industries Inc aiming to connect Santa Claus’s sleigh carriage including the reindeers for a brighter future. This decision reflects Santa’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of efficiency and sustainability during the festive season.

Recognizing modernization of logistics and technology, North Pole Toy Industries Inc. has chosen to introduce data-driven sleigh management solutions for their annual global gift distribution: The choice fell on Vialumina, known for their fleet management systems connecting drivers and vehicles with the charging stations and the electric grid – and now also reindeers.

“In order to meet the demands of a changing world, we need to embrace technology without compromising the essence of the holiday spirit. Vialumina’s expertise aligns with our commitment to excellence and offer a complete solution to improve our performance, but most important of all: To increase the wellbeing and happiness of our reindeers”, says Santa Claus, CEO of North Pole Toy Industries Inc. in a comment.

“Our partnership with North Pole Industries Inc underscores the importance of modernization for even the oldest of fleets. Vialumina is proud to contribute to the efficiency of this iconic seasonal endeavor”, says Pontus Frohde, CEO of Vialumina.

As Santa’s sleigh embarks on its journey this Christmas Eve, the integration of Vialumina’s solutions reflects a commitment to leveraging technology for sustainable and efficient operations. The collaboration sets a precedent for the harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity.



Key Operational Improvements implemented within Santa’s fleet:


Optimized Reindeer Happiness:

Vialumina’s analytical tools have been employed to track and improve the overall happiness score of Santa’s chosen reindeers. The reindeer flight patterns are also being improved with AI, to ensure a more efficient and streamlined journey. This includes data-driven adjustments to optimize fuel consumption, analyze what fuel is the most efficient and minimize environmental impact. Early data points at carrots being the preferred snack for the reindeers.


Real-Time Delivery Tracking:

Vialumina’s GPS tracking system provides North Pole Toy Industries Inc. with real-time information on gift deliveries. This enables precise logistics management, ensuring timely and accurate present distribution.


Strategic Route Planning:

Advanced algorithms have been applied to optimize Santa’s global route planning. This data-driven approach aims to minimize travel time, reduce operational costs, and enhance overall carriage performance.




And with this said: Happy holidays from your favorite mobility management providers. See you in 2024!

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